Our dough bowl candles are the perfect functional decor piece for your kitchen island or dining room table! They also make wonderful gifts. Each mango wood dough bowl is hand-carved in the United States. We use 20 oz. of soy wax in each bowl, as well as cotton wicks and clean fragrance oils. Dough bowls have three wicks and are approximately 9” x 5” x 3”. Each candle has two real starfish embedded in the wax. The starfish will become submerged in the wax as the candle burns and will be hidden when the wax hardens. They will be visible again the next time your candle is burned! Dough bowl candles will burn for approximately 50 hours based on burn periods of 4 hours each.
Reuse or repurpose your dough bowl after your candle is done. Just pop the wax out with a butterknife, remove the wick tabs, clean, and fill with potpourri, dried herbs, or contact us for a refill!

Holiday dough bowls are available in Carolina Christmas and Reindeer Isle fragrances with either a red, green, or gold bow. 

Christmas dough bowl candle, various fragrances

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