Eco-friendly car diffusers by Sound to Sea Candle Co. are the perfect way to freshen up your ride! At 0.6 oz, our diffusers will fill your car with a pleasing aroma for 3-4 months. Diffusers will come packaged in gift boxes and ready to gift for the new driver in your life or a loved one with a new ride. Just remove the plug, screw the lid back on, invert once, and hang over your rearview mirror!

Available in 6 signature fragrances:
Flood Tide: amber, rose, saffron
Patchouli Bay: patchouli, clove, jasmine
Loco Lemon: lemon, sugar, lilac
Sandy Buns: smells like sunscreen!
Beach Cottage: linen, ocean waves
To the Cape: ozone, sea salt, freesia

**Diffusers will be shipped with a small plug to prevent spillage. Before use, unscrew wooden lid and remove the plug. Replace lid, invert diffuser, & hang on rearview mirror.**
Car diffuser, various fragrances

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