Safety matches in glass jar, 25 extra long - Sound to Sea Candle Co.
Safety matches in glass jar, 25 extra long - Sound to Sea Candle Co.
Safety matches in glass jar, 25 extra long - Sound to Sea Candle Co.
Safety matches in glass jar, 25 extra long

Safety matches in glass jar, 25 extra long

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Twenty-five 3" extra tall safety matches in a small glass vial with screw top lid. Our matches are the perfect accessory to accompany your candle and look great on any table! Matches are long enough to light candles even when they are burning low. Match container comes with a strike strip on the back. These matches have a grayish-white tip and are a beautiful complement to our white ceramic jars!
These also make unique gifts for wedding favors, baby showers, birthday parties, and more! 

Why buy our matches?
- safe: matches will only strike on a strike pad, not on other surfaces
- extra long: our matches are longer than standard matches so you can safely light your candle even when the wax gets low in the jar
- aesthetics: our safety matches packaging is cohesive with the rest of our brand. These matches will look beautiful sitting on your countertop or coffee table!
- eco-friendly: our matches are completely biodegradable and our glass jars can be easily refilled or repurposed when your matches run out!

matches, glass jar

Remove match from jar and use strike pad to light. Keep out of reach of pets and children.

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Customer Reviews

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Don't take our word for it


These guys are awesome. Smells great, love the packaging, couldn't be better. I keep ordering from them over and over again!!


North Carolina


love the products! great customer service!




So excited about this purchase! The smell is incredible and the bottle is just so pretty. It absorbs into the skin so nicely and leaves your skin sooo smooth. The ingredients are awesome too. Can't wait to order more!




Purchased these for my secret sister gift bc she loves the beach! They smelled so good that I want some for myself! The extra sample that was in the box was amazing also!! I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these scents!!!


New Hampshire


This lip balm is awesome. So creamy and smells wonderful. I love the size of the application tip as it goes on lips smoothly. Great stocking stuffers for Christmas.


North Carolina